Teacher-Early Learning Center - Trinidad

Trinidad, CO


The Teacher is responsible for the general supervision and the management of a classroom inclusive of staff management and effective lesson planning.  Teachers are directly responsible for the whereabouts of the children in their classroom at all times.  The Teacher must be professionally prepared as a teacher of young children, capable of supervising the classroom effectively and meeting requirements of the licensed agency.  The Teacher must be a sensitive and mature individual who is able to relate well with children, staff and families.


Teachers report directly to the Administrative Assistant and then the SCCOG Program Director of the Children’s Programs.   


Teacher’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:   

1.      Be to work 15 minutes prior to shift in order to begin work on time.

2.      Personally call supervisor in the event absence is necessary. Prior notice is required with exception of emergency illness.  Texting or leaving a message is not an option. 

3.      Planning, supervising and implementing the programming for the class in accordance with the policies and philosophy of the school.  Assist in planning and preparing the learning environment, setting up interest centers and preparing needed material and supplies as reflected on required, weekly lesson plan.

4.      Complete student assessments meeting any time requirements and meeting with parents to discuss. 

5.      Demonstrates a positive attitude.

6.      Teacher is responsible for dressing professionally according to the SCCOG dress code.

7.      Gearing the program to the needs of individual children with concern for their interests, special needs, special talents and individual style and pace of learning.

8.      Teachers should consider and respect individual children and families in relationship to their culture and socioeconomic background.

9.      Treat children, families and staff with dignity and respect.

10.   Help children become aware of their roles as integral members of a group.

11.   Being responsible for the order, cleanliness, arrangement, appearance, décor and learning environment of the classroom. 

12.   Conducting parent conferences concerning children’s school adjustment, classroom behavior and progress as well as any assessment documentation in a timely manner.

13.   Assist with staff training activities and staff evaluations.

14.   Assist with training Teacher Assistants and Parents.

15.   Assist in explaining the program in a positive light to newcomers, visitors and the community.

16.   Attending all staff meetings and recommended training programs and conferences when necessary to do so. (Licensing requirement 15 clock hours per year.)

17.   Have knowledge and input with the budget.

18.   Assist with accurate inventory.

19.   Helping with general housekeeping tasks daily.

20.   Assist with any above and beyond tasks necessary for appropriate program operation. 

21.   Employee must be cognizant to gossip and not partake.

22.   Participating in professional development and organizations that work towards the improvement of early childhood education and meet licensing requirements. 

23.   Keep accurate attendance, meal and child assessment documentation.

24.   Maintain professional communication between classroom staff and parents.

25.   Prepare and distribute child incident reports in a timely manner.                                                                  


Center hours are 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  Teacher’s hours are based on enrollment needs and are assigned accordingly.  This position does not qualify for overtime; but is eligible for a benefit package. 


·        Required High School Diploma or GED

·        An AA degree, CDA or ECE credential is preferred with experience in an Early Childhood classroom or program. 

·        Excellent oral and written communication skills. 

·        Clear Background check.